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About Metal Backup

Metal Backup is a Hybrid Cloud Backup Solution specially designed for Disaster Recovery using True Delta Technologies to provide a worldwide secure storage.

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14 Hard Workers

The best Disaster Recovery solution

This is the most powerful Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution with several options that you have never seen before.

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Private Key Encryption

Military-grade, private key encryption. Data is encrypted at the source (256 bit AES), and stays encrypted while in transit and at rest on the storage.


In-file, block level deduplication, and True Delta™ technology that ensures only the smallest changes within files are moved over IP to the storage. This ensures lightning-fast backups/restores, low bandwidth/CPU usage, and much more efficient operations.

Cloud Recovery Targets™

Automate disaster recovery and provide increased data accessibility with the ability to perform a full system restore via a virtual machine. Waiting for repairs to a physical machine, or buying a new one, isn't necessary.

Local Speed Vault™

Hybrid cloud backup is today's hot ticket when it comes to data protection and disaster recovery. Here you maintain a level of disk backup in your shop, but have an additional tier in the cloud. Sounds simple. But to work properly you need the right technology that can keep these two backup systems in total sync.

Bare Metal Recovery

Automate, simplify and reduce the recovery time needed for physical Windows systems. Create bootable USB recovery media to bring you back to similar or like hardware. OS and application installation are not required.


MetalBackup identifies any changes to a file and only backs up added or altered blocks that were not part of previous file backups. Conserve bandwidth and save space by preventing double storage of data.

Server Backup

Enjoy a fully automated backup process for information stored on your standard servers and virtual machines, with the integration of all plugins. And when your customers need access to their data, it's available online.

Workstation Backup

Enjoy a fully automated backup process for information stored on your customers' computers and laptops. Easily establish policies per plug-in and quickly search for important files.

Cross-platform Compatibility

MetalBackup seamlessly integrates with Windows®, Linux® and OS X® platforms, as well as Microsoft® Exchange, Hyper-V®, SharePoint®, SQL Server®, MySQL®, Oracle® and VMware®.


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Backup Manager

Backup Manager

The Backup Manager is designed to provide a safe and secure IP backup for business and consumer customers.


Recovery Console

Recovery Console

The Recovery Console is a new multi-instance recovery tool that enables system administrators and service providers to set up proactive data recovery from servers and workstations to any location. The Recovery Console has been available starting from version 15.0.

Windows x86

Windows x64
Bare Metal Recovery

Bare Metal Recovery

With Bare Metal Restore or Recovery, one can take a commodity server, and restore not just the data, but the supporting environment such as operating system and software. This approach automates the process of recovering a system because you do not need to preload your backup software or OS.



Virtual Drive

Virtual Drive

Our Virtual Drive Technology is remarkably simple and intuitive. It works and behaves just like a physical hard drive, however it exists only virtually.

It is a very helpful utility that allows you to get access to all your backed up data and its contents through any file browser without any additional step of restoring them.

Windows x86

Windows x64
Storage Node Installer

Storage Node Installer

The Cloud is organized as a set of homogeneous storage nodes and a management node that distributes data among them. Partners who are subscribed on the "software-only" basis should install storage nodes themselves. For "all-inclusive" partners storage nodes are already set up.



Server Tool

Server Tool

Server Tool is a command-line utility that helps to automate various server-side tasks like seed upload/download, communication with Cloud and so on.

Windows x86

Windows x64

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